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Press Release May 5, 2018


Niakam Kazemi
Founder & CEO
Renobits, Inc.

Renobits Releases Dashboards Tailored to the Needs of Homeowners, Real Estate Investors, Property Managers, Contractors, and Contributors to Enhance User Experience

Renobits.com enhanced its platform for homeowners, real estate investors, property managers, contractors, and content contributors to better address their needs. The latest release includes dashboards tailored to the needs of users according to their roles. User roles have also been augmented to allow more users benefit from Renobits.

“We believe that the latest enhancements enable our users to better use and benefit from Renobits platform. We are constantly working to enhance the platform and we are looking forward to receiving users’ feedback that could guide us in deciding what enhancements to implement first,” said Niakam Kazemi, the founder of Renobits.

The latest enhancements are not limited to the custom dashboards. The list of enhancements is available on Renobits.com. Renobits publishes the enhancements through blog posts on its website.

To review Renobits.com, or to sign up for your free membership today, you can visit: www.renobits.com.

About Renobits.com

Renobits.com is an online service that leverages the power of information technology and social networking to eliminate the inefficiencies in the traditional methods of home renovation and real estate investing. Our members use Renobits.com to be in control of their renovation and investment projects and to maximize the return on their investments (ROI). They also use Renobits.com to share their success stories and their invaluable experiences with others.

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