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1 10/13/2019 2:48:46 AM Share

Using Renobits to Buy, Fix, and Flip!

Success in real estate investing through flipping houses depends on building your well-organized assembly line to Buy, Fix, and Flip properties. Although each project has its own challenges, the main challenge is to become better at each of these steps. Such approach results in each project becoming more profitable than ones you completed before!

Without having a well defined repeatable process armed with the right tools to implement and enforce it, your investments can become unmanageable and risky.

As real estate investors with background in technology, we have worked hard to build a set of tools that we believe will help you to overcome the challenges of real estate investing. We are the users of these tools ourselves and we rely on them to successfully complete our flips.

At each step of the investing process (buy, fix, and flip) you will find our innovative tools and services superior to the bits and pieces that you may find on the web. Renobits is different! Our team of subject matter experts in each area guide the design and development of the tools and services. We put everything is test by using these tools in our own investments.

Use property search features to find investment worthy properties. The features include an interactive investment analyzer that enables you quickly assess the investment potential of a property.

Project planning and management tools are simple to use. Using these tools you can plan your projects, prepare various reports including Lender Report (for financing your project) and Final Investment Report (for tax purposes.) In addition all project expenses, receipts, documents, and more can be tracked, shared, and managed all in one place. In addition, use contractors search feature to find budget friendly contractors for your projects.

We are always looking forward to hearing your feedback to help us better serve you.

Looking for the innovative tools to get started with real estate investing?

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